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C-Pen Reader.
It is also a scanner for capturing lines of text and uploading to a PC or Mac, making it ideal for students, teachers and professionals to capture essential information. The pen is half the size of other portable pen scanners on the market and at 50g is half the weight.
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IRIS IRISPen 457887 Executive 7 Pen Scanner with OCR I Recognising Text Graphics Pen I Text Recognition I USB I Digital Highlighter I Reader I Translator I Pen Scanner I Mac Windows Black. Product is genuine original from manufacturer authorized distributors.
C-Pen Exam Reader.
I am a customer looking for the best line scanner capable of scanning in.: Note: If you can use a yellow highlighter pen to highlight text in a book/on paper then you could get some use out of this C-Pen.
C-Pen Reader: Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies.
This is the only portable line scanner on the market that is both Mac and PC compatible. There is no software required, just connect the pen up to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive.
bol.com Scanmarker Air zwart.
Lastig in gebruik. De scanner herkent Chinese tekst zeer slecht en is daardoor voor mij zo goed als onbruikbaar. Ook valt de verbinding met de meegeleverde Bluetooth dongle vaak weg. Met een gewone BT dongle werkt de pen niet dus voor andere apparatuur moet je die ook nog in je pc houden.
A Pen Scanner, Anyone? How OCR Works.
A pen scanner effectively replaces your keyboard by imitating keyboard strokes as soon as the application runs in the background, so you can use this tool to insert text wherever you have a text cursor on your Windows PC or Macintosh computer.
All About Pen Scanners for Special Needs Children.
The pen scanner will let you scan, store and transfer your printed text as well as smaller images to your computer or a mobile device. It's' ideal for taking notes, or, for teachers, scanning text for students that use a text reader.
Best Pen Scanners and Digital Highlighters of 2018 MBReviews.
On top of the pen scanner, next to the logo, there are two LED lights, one for the showing an active Bluetooth connection a blue LED, while the other shows the status of the battery a green LED and towards the narrow end of the pen, theres a microUSB port used for charging the device not type-C.
Wireless portable pen scanner translator.
PenPower WorldCam B100. Penpower Chinese Expert. PCE Writing Pad Version. PCE Pen Scanner Version. PenPower Pencil Pro. PenPower Technology Ltd. WorldPenScan BT Win/Mac/Android. Wireless portable pen scanner translator. MSRP: 169.95 149.95. Email our team. Find a retailer. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
MaxiAids Scanning Pen C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner.
C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner is a portable, pocket-sized, handheld device that reads printed text aloud with a human-like, high-quality digital voice in English with different accents: Irish, Scottish, Indian, Australian, Latin and American Spanish. Now you can personalize your pen with an accent you enjoy!
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Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner ReaderStudent's, Most Efficient Tool turquoise. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner ReaderStudent's, Most Efficient Tool green. NEW Digital Highlighter OCR Pen Scanner and Reader USB Version Mac Win. Asafez Hard Case for Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner OCR Digital Highlighter Reader.

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